What to expect going into your first year at Western University during a global pandemic — advice and stories from the perspective of someone who’s gotten through it.

What a year. I simultaneously felt like I was being dragged underwater while on the most exciting roller coaster of my life — but before I knew it, the year was over. You might be in a similar position I was in several months ago. Excited for this new chapter of your life, but anxious about all the changes you’re about to go through.

Firstly, congratulations on getting accepted! Pat yourself on…

In this article, I detail my experiences living on campus during a pandemic. Learn about how the pandemic influenced social life, extracurriculars, and residence living. To read about What to Expect in your Five Online Courses and Strategies for Academic Success, click here.

Are you debating whether you should live in residences? Unsure of the safety and risks involved? Wondering if you’ll get to explore campus or meet friends?

First, let’s talk about residence living. To ensure social distance, Western included upper-year residences as options for first years to live in. I lived in London Hall — a suite style…

In this article, I talk about specific strategies that helped me achieve my best and improve substantially from first to second semester. To read more about What to Expect in Your Five Online Courses and How Covid-19 Affected Campus Life, click here.

You might be starting to prepare yourself for the academic vigour you’re about to be thrown in. You’re probably feeling eager, slightly nervous, and not sure what to anticipate. I’ll highlight some strategies I utilized to secure the marks I wanted, as well as things that I wish I knew before I started!

Staying on Schedule with Asynchronous Online Courses

When you don’t need to…

In this article, I detail what to expect in your five online courses in first year science. To read about Strategies for Academic Success and how Covid-19 affected Campus Life, click here.

In first year, you are required to take 4.0 credits with 1.0 elective space. What does this mean? Well, let me break down the required courses for you.

Biology 1001 & 1002 (0.5 credits each) — one course taken per semester

These two biology courses are mandatory for progression in the Medical Sciences and majority of General Sciences Programs. These courses cover a wide scope of material such…

Lori Lai

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